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Link Astronomy Related Data Management

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  • <——- paper target related
  • <— Modern data mining in Astronomy – Course
  • <—– VO and Datacenter

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PC Shutdown and Start-up Event Log ID

Copas dari sebuah forum:

  • Event 6005 is logged at boot time noting that the Event Log service was started. It gives the message “The Event log service was started”.
  • Event 6006 is logged as a clean shutdown. It gives the message “The Event log service was stopped”.
  • Event 6008 is logged as a dirty shutdown. It gives the message “The previous system shutdown at time on date was unexpected”.
  • Event 6009 is logged during every boot and indicates the operating system version, build number, service pack level, and other pertinent information about the system. Depending on your current configuration, it gives a message similar to: “Microsoft (R) Windows NT 4.0 1381 Service Pack 6 Multiprocessor free”.